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Icing Color Organizer

Keep your icing colors organized and level. This durable tray holds up to 20 ½ oz. and/or 1 oz. Wilton Icing Colors (sold separately). Separate storage compartment conveniently holds toothpicks for easy use. Storage tray nests on lid to maximize workspace, and is angled for easy viewing and selection of colors. Stacks conveniently with Tip Organizer (sold separately). 9 in. x 7 in. x 2.6 in.
€10.04  Incl. VAT
€19.20  Incl. VAT
You save: €9.16

Mit diesem Organizer behalten Sie immer den Überblick. Passend für 20 Farben. Achtung : Farben sind im Lieferumfang nicht enthalten.

Model: 405-8783